It’s with great sadness that we announce today that we will be closing our Clapham Junction store when the lease ends next month.
With the current lease term ending, we had hoped to be able to negotiate a new and fair deal to stay on and keep serving our loyal customers in the area, building on recent improvements in the beer garden and launch a series of new events in the upstairs tasting room. We have, however, much to our surprise, been met with a set of unreasonable lease terms, driven by the landlord’s desire to sell the freehold of the building for personal reasons.

As well as a more than doubling of the current rent (£36k p.a. vs £17k p.a.), there was an equally as important but less headline grabbing issue – a small clause in the lease that takes away the option of automatic renewal at the end of any deal. What this means is that, however well the site trades, the landlord could come along at the end of the term and kick us out with no recourse from our end. This level of uncertainty makes things very difficult for any business in terms of having confidence to invest for the long term in that location.

These two factors were a massive double whammy for us and have made a great site simply unviable. It was not a decision we took lightly and it wasn’t one we wanted to have to make.

Note, our Balham & Tooting stores are continuing on as normal.

Whilst we will be sad to leave the area, we would like to thank all of our amazing customers who have made our time here so special. We thought it would be a good time to look back at our top 5 moments from the past 3 years.
1,  Epic launch party

We opened our Clapham Junction store with a bang back in October 2015 when we were joined by over 60 brewers, sales reps, customers, and other friends from the trade for a launch night to remember. We gave all the beer away for free and ended up receiving 3 complaints from the neighbours – oops! Fortunately we managed to sweet talk the neighbours round and were pretty well behaved from then on in.
2, Brilliant Bottle Shares

Our monthly bottle shares have been so much fun to run, and we’re always so impressed by the calibre of bottles being brought along as well as the generosity of those sharing. Over the years we’ve enjoyed Westvletern 12, numerous Cantillon, some rare Cigar City and some crazy stuff from Wild Beer and Mikkeller.

3, Garden Parties

When we took on the site, the garden was an extra thrown in that we weren’t too sure we’d use. We of course changed our mind as soon as the sun came out and we realised we had one of the best beer gardens in South London – chilled, secluded and filled with amazing craft beer. Our first summer saw us go full on with the garden parties and we had great fun hosting our friends from Mondo Brewery, Fourpure, New Zealand Beer Collective as well as street food from Oh My Dog, BaBaBoom and Stranger Naan’s. We even managed to keep the neighbours onside – mainly by always inviting them along! Such fun!

4, Food & Beer Events

The upstairs tasting room always allowed for us to take our events up a notch when it came to complexity and this was most evident with the food and beer pairings we did. Be it the beer and posh toast event right through to our series of collaborations we did with our friends at Hood Restaurant, in which we managed to serve a five course menu from a ‘Chef’s Table’ setup. These were such an amazing way for us to celebrate the diversity of beer and how well it pairs with different foods.

5, Beer Class

We launched our beer class back in 2016, aimed at those wanting to delve deeper into all aspects of beer. Over the past 3 years we have covered all sorts of styles and topics, from Belgian beers to IPAs, sours to porters. Hundreds of ‘beer students’ have passed through our doors over the years and it has been great fun doing it. We are most definitely planning to continue running Beer Classes at our Balham store so don’t worry if you’re yet to graduate!