It’s that time again! The festive season is officially in full swing and We Brought Beer is feeling the holiday spirit. Not only have we got loads of special gifts on offer (sure to certify you as this year’s gift-giving MVP among friends and family), we also have a tasty selection of seasonal beers from your favourite breweries. Check them out below!

Weird Beard Black Christmas 4.5%

Weird Beard is famous for their experimental beers, and their cranberry Christmas stout continues in the genre-bending fashion that has become expected of them over the years. Black Christmas boasts of several great qualities in its corner: from its eye-catching label design – a grinning skeleton in a Santa hat – to its smooth integration of vanilla, chocolate, and tangy cranberry notes, all tied together with a rich dark chocolate finish. It’s no wonder this beer has sold so well in the store.

Delirium Christmas 10%

Huyghe Brewery’s Delirium, with its charming pink elephants on parade, outdid themselves – which is saying a lot considering this is an immensely drinkable ale – with their Christmas edition. Spicy fruit and caramel malts abound here to make for a complex, but harmonious beer, full, rich, and a perfect companion to sugary Christmas dessert.

St. Feuillien Cuvee de Noel 9%

Belgian brewery St. Feuillien produced its first holiday beer in 1969, and by 2013 their Christmas beers made up 8 percent of all the brewery’s production. St. Feuillien’s abbey-style beers are among some of the oldest ales around, and given the taste and production, it’s no wonder they’ve survived this long. Cuvee de Noel in particular is a smooth, frothy amber beer with a distinct taste and aroma. Waves of apples, caramelized malts, nutmeg and cinnamon make for a compatible blend in this harmonious ale, that’s a perfect companion to a hearty Christmas dinner.

Stille Nacht 12%

Sour-smelling but sweet-tasting, Silent Nacht, another Belgian ale, is an extremely malty beer, heavy on the fruitiness, with lingering, flavourful spices, plus lots of brown sugar and caramel to top it all off. A sweet tooth is a must for this one, but what better time to indulge than the Christmas season?

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale 10%

Yet another abbey beer, St. Bernardus’s Christmas ale is yeasty and spicy, full of dark fruits and incredibly hoppy. This is another immensely drinkable beer, full-bodied with a sensational finish. You’ll have a merry Christmas with this one in your hands for sure.