If you talk to anyone involved in beer at the moment, they’ll tell you that this is the most exciting time for the beer industry in England for a long time. Craft beer is growing at an awesome rate and this is manifesting itself in beer businesses having to expand and grow to keep up with the increased demand. Whilst a lot of the public’s sight is focused on North and East London, that doesn’t mean the South isn’t doing some stuff worthy of note. Belleville, our most local brewery just opposite Wandsworth Common train station, are one of those breweries down South who have some exciting plans – and for these plans they want you guys to get involved!

A quick history on Belleville for some background. They were founded by Adrian Thomas, the head brewer, who approached some other fathers at his child’s local school with his business plan for the brewery and a number of them decided to invest. Things have been ticking along steadily since then, despite the minor blip of an ABInBev lawsuit, and they’ve manoeuvred themselves into a position where they’re ready to take the next step.

For this next step, they need some investment, around £500,000 to be precise. Instead of heading to an investment bank for the money, they want to stick to their roots – that is keeping Belleville a local brewery, with investment from local people. This is where you guys come in because Belleville are looking for people to invest around £15,000 each in exchange for equity. The business model, which reflects the investment in capital and resources as well as previous growth, predicts a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 85%.

At the moment Belleville are at capacity but raising the £500,000 will allow them to invest in new brewing equipment, increasing from a 6 barrel to 14.2 barrel brewery, hire up to 24 new staff over the next 5 years, purchase a canning line and and increase marketing spend. All of this will be keeping Belleville in line with the rapidly progressing craft beer market, helping them to keep pace with and even outstrip other breweries.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in beer, whether it’s the amazing beer that is being produced or the prospect of being part of an industry that is only going to get bigger. By taking part in Belleville’s Equity for Dads scheme you can experience first hand just what an incredible scene craft beer really is.

For more information, contact either Adrian or Mark with the email addresses below.