It’s Pancake Day (finally!) which is most definitely an occasion for cracking open a tasty beer or two to use either in the pancake itself, or to accompany. For pancake heaven, follow our simple 3 step guide below.

Step 1: Use beer in the pancake recipe mix

This is a nice little trick we learnt whilst staying with friends in New York a few years ago, and it essentially incorporated drinking beer at breakfast, which we were ok with. The recipe is super simple and calls for the milk in the batter recipe to be replaced with beer. A saison was the style used for us so we are recommending here Burning Sky’s excellent Saison l’Hiver (available in our Balham store right now). A light, spritzy, subtly spicy beer, it gives a savoury edge to the pancake itself, which you can counteract with something sweet, red fruits work well.


1 mug of self raising flour
1 bottle of Burning Sky Saison L’Hiver
1 egg
Olive oil to fry in

Crack the egg into a bowl, add the flour then pour in the beer, whisk up into a thick batter before spooning into a oiled frying pan and cook until light & fluffy.

Step 2: Choose a beer to pair with your pancakes

Time to choose something appropriate to pair with your beer pancakes. Assuming you’re serving up your pancakes with some yummy accompaniments such as whipped cream, sugar and lemon, you want a beer that can take on the richness of the food. We would recommend giving Wild Beer Co.’s Millionaire a crack. Boasting all the classic roasty qualities of a traditional dark beer, it’s got added sea salt, cacao nibs & lactose to give it a salted caramel taste which will complement nicely with the pancakes.

Step 3: Make a beer syrup to pour over your pancakes

So we’re thinking in our heads that this will turn out like maple syrup but of course, that may not happen. For the ultimate beer syrup sauce, locate that bottle of Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout you’ve been hoarding, or alternatively, any rich amber ale would be good so as to get a good deal of malt sweetness. We’re recommending Twickenham Ales Naked Ladies. Pour the whole bottle into sauce pan, add 2 cups of brown sugar and heat gently on a low heat, stirring occasionally until it reduces to a light syrupy consistency. For a bit of added thickness/sweetness, you could add a spoonful of golden or maple syrup. Once it’s at your desired consistency, pour onto your lovely pancakes, crack open your pairing beer and you’re good to go!