Our recent beer and food blog have given us a bit of the cooking bug here at WBB! Matching food with beer is all well and good but what happens if you want to take it a step further? Well, cooking your food with beer seems the next logical step. Below are five recipes that produce some of the most delicious food you’ll ever have – just remember to enjoy the beer you’ve been cooking with!

Worth noting that these aren’t our recipes (we’re not that talented) but we’ve linked to each of them so be sure to head over to the sites if something whets your appetite.

Beer Bread
Beer and bread aren’t that different. With both containing water, yeast and cereals, pretty much the only difference is in the preparation and those delicious hops we all love so much! Bringing these two cousins together makes so much sense and what’s even better, unless you’re homebrewing, the baking has already been half done for you! From start to finish, you’re looking at no more than an hour of cooking and baking. Mix a bottle of beer with some flour and sugar, bake for an hour and you’re good to go. Chuck in some Magic Rock Cannonball for a bitter finish or Partizan’s X Ale for a maltier, slightly chocolatey quality to your bread.
Who doesn’t love ribs (vegetarians aside!)? When cooked properly they’re tender and full of rich, delicious flavours and, together with craft beer there are few things more synonymous with American culture at the moment! Cooking ribs with a rich smoked porter or stout such as Beavertown’s Smog Rocket gives you the perfect BBQ’d qualities we love without any of the hassle of actually having to clean your BBQ or pick up a fresh batch of coals. These beers also add a beechwood, decadent, malty quality to the ribs whilst a black IPA will give a bitter bite on the finish for something a bit different.
Bamburg Onions
This is a recipe we’ve never personally tried, however, it’s one that we will be cooking sooner rather than later. The Bavarian town of Bamberg is well known for its smokey beer (rauchbier) and a favourite snack they pair with said beer is stuffed onions with a rauchbier sauce. Rauchbiers are a weird one, they’re very much like Marmite when it comes to people loving or hating them. If you’re going to try something a bit out there, and hey, why not (YOLO & all that!), you may as well go the whole hog. Go with the original & best from Schlenkerla because this is a pairing that needs to be experienced!
Lambic Float
Brooklyn BrewShop are the suppliers of our “entry level” homebrew kits and have a great website with recipes for everything from spent-grain cookies to the ultimate beer burger to Lambic floats. For a lot of beer geeks, the tart, funky and sour Lambic style beers are the pinnacle of what the beer world has to offer. Taking this style and treating it like it’s Coca Cola might seem sacrilegious but on a hot day, the results are just way too perfect not to try. The acidic sourness of the Lambic cuts right across sweet vanilla ice cream and creates a boozy, refined version of the float that we all remember from our childhood days. Use a fruit lambic such as Boon Kriek for maximum effect.
Espresso Souffle
The Beeroness is one of the most prolific beer and food bloggers on the Internet because her recipes are pretty easy and almost always delicious! You should always end food pairings with something big and bold, and this blog post is no different. Taking one of the brashest beer styles going, the stout, and using it took bake a delicate soufflé may seem a bit contradictory, but the chocolate and coffee characteristics of the beer create the most decadent of deserts. Don’t hold back when choosing which beer to bake this cake with, the bigger, the boozier, the chocolatier the better! Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout, Weird Beard’s Sadako or Founder’s Imperial Stout will all be perfect – just grab an extra bottle to enjoy!