Beer is brilliant. Thousands of years of development, countless man hours and plenty of hung over brewers have led to our current knowledge of beer and ability to create incredibly varied and different styles from four basic building blocks, and the occasional guest-starring role of other ingredients. Although there are times when beer should take a back seat in conversation, part of the reason We Brought Beer started was that we believe the stories of beer deserves to be told and luckily we’ve found that you guys, our customers, want to hear these stories!

To give people the opportunity to learn more about beer, we run our fortnightly Beer Class which alternate between our Introduction to Beer class, and ones with a more specialist focus. You can’t learn about beer without tasting it, so all the classes will obviously have the very practical element of beer drinking, as well as some delicious snacks to be paired with the beer! All Beer Class attendees will also receive a 10% discount on a purchases made on the day, as well as an exclusive monthly email with plenty of special offers and more.

To sign up, have a look below at what classes there are coming up, follow the links and start learning about beer today!

Upcoming Classes

  • 17.03.30-British-Beer-1

Learn about all the off-flavours that can be present in beer.

  • 05.11-An-Intro-to-Beer-1

We'll go through plenty of the latest styles which are incredibly popular with the craft beer scene.

  • 17.05.25-Sours-+-Wild

Our third time running Sour and Wild beer class, this has always proven to be one of the most popular!

  • 05.11-An-Intro-to-Beer-1

Our Intro to Beer classes are the perfect way to get to grips with all things craft.

  • 10.27-Stouts-and-Porters-1

This beer class looks at beers which go beyond the four basic ingredients that are currently used in brewing beer.

  • 09.15-An-Intro-to-Beer-1

Our Intro to Beer Classes take you through six of the most popular beer styles available!

  • 17.07.20-Blind-Beer-Tasting-1

Blindfolds and beers are abound in our blind beer tastings which test your senses.

  • 10.13-An-Intro-to-Beer-1

Our Intro to Beer classes are a great way to take your first steps into the world of craft beer.