Although it may seem counter-intuitive, there seems to be a strong relationship between people who like craft beer and people who like running. Several breweries & bars operate their own running clubs, including Northern Monk, Mikkeller (which has chapters across the world) as well as Pressure Drop and Beer+Burger in London. We’ve dabbled with the idea of launching our own club, but not quite got round to it (sounds like one of my excuses not to run!). But we do have a few runners in our team, and plenty amongst our customers  so we thought the next best thing would be to put together a few suggested beer run routes that take in some of the best beer places in the vicinity.

Route 1: South West London

Route 1 covers our home turf of South West London, encompassing some of our favourite taprooms and pubs.  The distance is roughly 10k and you can of course run it how you see fit – i.e. either stop off at each venue for a half, or run past them all, check what’s on tap and then note which ones you’ll be returning to. Either way, if you love running and love craft beer, then hopefully this will serve as a handy way to see the sights.

This route starts and finishes at We Brought Beer Balham so pop your head in and let us know if you’re giving it a try. As a bit of extra motivation, get a selfie of yourself outside each of the venues and we’ll reward you with a free pint from the taps upon your return!

Check out the map above or pop this link in your phone to follow along.

Here is the list of venues you’ll pass/pop into along the way.

  1. The King & C0, Clapham
  2. Old Town Tavern, Clapham
  3. Mondo Brewery Taproom (check opening times)
  4. BrewDog Clapham Junction
  5. Draft House, Northcote Road
  6. Belleville Brewery

Now go forth, and run!

Running shoesPhoto by Dominik Martin on Unsplash