Indulge yourself in the complex majesty of this Belgian Tripel Blonde Ale by Brewers and Union.

Touro Tripel Blonde is a beer of epic proportions, brewed in the traditional way in Belgium. It’s a wickedly rich strong blonde ale with a creamy palate and a fruity, spicy, malt flavour. Huge and complex, this golden beer is brewed with 3 times the normal amount of barley and it’s re-fermented again in the bottle. It’s initial sweetness is deftly balanced by a floral hop bitterness.

At 10% ABV and sold in 750ml bottles, Touro Tripel Blonde is truly a sharing beer, perfect for whipping out at a dinner party or whenever you’re trying to impress your friends. It’s big enough to go with the boldest of dishes, and would go well with game, duck, mature cheeses or rich fish.

It takes an epic 16 weeks brewing to make this beer what it is and I’m not even sure what is going on on the label, but we love it all the same.

We’re proud to be able to offer Touro as this week’s Beer of the Week.

You can get your hands on some in our Balham shop.