This week we will be mainly talking about Nelson Sauvin hops!

If there’s something that the good folks at Tiny Rebel Brewery like more than anything, it’s hops! All of their beers have a very liberal helping of the beautiful plant and since launching in 2012 they have enjoyed setting the beer scene alight with their creations.

One hop they clearly have a very soft spot for is Nelson Sauvin, a New Zealand hop so named because it shares several key characteristics with the Sauvignon Blanc wine grape. And it is the hop of choice for Full Nelson, their ‘Maori Pale Ale’ which is this week’s Beer of the Week.

Nelson Sauvin has been described as a hop that has the unique ability to impart a distinctive cool climate white wine ‘fruitiness’. Whilst this fruitiness can be a little overpowering for the ‘un-initiated’, Nelson Sauvin is perfect for those with a penchant for bold hop character. That sounds like Tiny Rebel. Full Nelson came about as a result of several months of experimentation with Nelson Sauvin. During this time the brewers played around with different hop quantities, different times to add them to the brew but also perfected the malt canvas on which to showcase this beautiful hop.

The result is a hoppy but perfectly balanced pale ale. Weighing in at 4.8% abv and 45 IBUs it is bitter but not overpowering. It pours a beautiful golden colour and has a strong tropical fruit aroma, expect mangos, passion fruit & lychee. On the palate, as mentioned above, strong grape flavours are present, perfectly complemented by the sweet Munich malt.

A truly crisp and refreshing pale ale, this is a sublime summer beer and could almost have been made for BBQs. So go on, indulge your kiwi side and grab a few bottles when we have them in store.