We’ve had a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline the last couple of months and they’ve taken a lot of planning. We are now delighted to announce three new services that are being launched. These are all available for home delivery, something you guys have been anticipating and asking for for a long time. Below we’re going to talk about what we’re offering and why we’re offering it. The first two are going to be live on our website immediately for you to subscribe and purchase.

Hope you get excited about these as we have been planning them! Just click on their names to be taken through to the product pages!

Growlers have been around in the UK for decades, just in a slightly different form. Think back to the days of getting cask beer in milk carton, and then make it slightly more hi-tech. Using a counter pressure filler we can purge bottles of oxygen, replacing it with CO2, to keep the beer as fresh as possible!

On the second Friday of every month you will receive six 500ml growlers of beers. There will be four beers in total, two bottles each of two beers, and one bottle each of two more exclusive beers. The beers will always be ones that are difficult to find in bottle in London or just aren’t bottled in the first place.

We’ve decided to put the beer into 500ml bottles because, once opened, it should be consumed as soon as possible. By having more bottle that are smaller, you have more flexibility when it comes to drinking your beers.

Every delivery will come with a card that tells you about the different breweries and beers that you have received and why we chose them. You’ll also receive a free We Brought Beer branded glass with you first order, letting you enjoy your beer in style!

The Growler Club costs £24 per month and the first delivery will be sent out on Friday 11th December.

If you love beer and are chronically indecisive then this might be just the thing for you! Each month you’ll receive a completely new set of beers on your doorstep, each chosen by us because we know just how good they are. This will give you the chance to discover and fall in love with new beers, breweries and styles. Every delivery will comes with an information card that will tell you everything you might want to know about what you’re drinking.

We promise that these beers aren’t just bin ends that we’re struggling to clear or ones that are approaching their best-by date.  In fact, all the beers will be ordered exclusively for the Beer Club boxes and will not be immediately available in either of our stores – they’re Beer Club exclusives.

What’s more, we feel that how you drink beer is integral to enjoying it, which is why everyone is going to receive a free We Brought Beer branded glass with their first delivery! Furthermore, each case will come complete with descriptions of all the beers you have received, telling you all about the beers, breweries, style, and why we have chosen them.

Our beer club has three different tiers – Medium, Large and XL.

Medium cost £18.50 each month, and for this you will receive 6 beers every month. Large costs £36 and this will get you 12 beers.

With the XL tier you will receive 6 bottles a month and will cost £48. These won’t be normal beers, however; they’re going to be big bottles which normally have big price tags. This is a chance to get yourself some amazing beers that you may not normally consider.

The first delivery of the bottle club will be on Monday 7th December.

Mystery Box – COMING SOON

Not sure what beers you want but know that you want them delivered to your house? Then our mystery box is for you! We will put together a case of beer that will contain multiple styles and drop it off at your doorstep.

You can order in multiples of 12, so whether it’s a just to top up your fridge or last minute buying for a party, we have you covered! Even better, the larger your order, the bigger your savings. Just choose how many you want from the dropdown box, and we’ll sort out the rest.

This isn’t a subscription service so just buy it on the website and we’ll phone you up to figure out the best delivery time for you.