Belleville Brewing Co. is our most local brewery, with their beers consistently appearing in our top 5 best sellers. Founded in 2013, they brews beers that take their inspiration from America, largely driven by founder Adrian’s frequent travels to the East Coast. We’ve got to know Adrian pretty well over the past 5 years so we thought it was about time you also found out a bit more behind the man behind our most local brewery.
Belleville Brewery Beer
1. What’s your name and job title?

My name is Adrian Thomas and I am the managing director (I get to wash kegs too!).

2. Could we have your elevator pitch?

We are just trying make really good beers and produce a cool brand.

3. What is the potted history of Belleville?

I started home-brewing after organising a beer festival at Belleville Primary School, where my kids attended. Some of the dads liked what was brewed and were interested enough in taking it further. Before long, Belleville was born in Wandsworth Common.

4. Why is it called Belleville?

After the school mentioned above. It says where we come from and gives it a local, but strangely international feel too. [ED The name actually got them in hot water early on when AB Inbev threated to sue them {LINK}]

5. Which is the favourite beer you sell and why?

Commonside Pale Ale. It’s beautifully simple although it has changed a lot over the past 6 years.

6. Share with us your favourite fact, stat or quote…

Craft Beer in the USA accounts for 24% of the US beer market. I wish it was the case here.

7. What makes you most proud to run Belleville?

Eavessdropping on customers talking about our beers. Thankfully it’s mostly positive but I like getting constructive criticism too.

8. Picture this: You are moving to a desert island but they only stock one kind of beer per resident – what would you choose and why?

Watneys Red Barrel. It would make me work harder to get off the island and drink some decent beer!

9. If a film were made about Belleville Brewery, what would be the theme tune?

Either the old Avengers theme by Laurie Johnson or Catweazle (I am a child of the seventies)

10. Do you have anything to add?

Come and visit our taproom but please stop stealing our glasses.

Thanks Adrian!

You can find the Belleville Brewery Taproom at:

44 Jaggard Way, Balham, London SW12 8SG

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