Since we first opened, we have been hosting Meet the Brewer events in our shop and these have always been free of charge. We felt that bringing together brewers with the people who drink their beer is as much part of our job as just selling their beer.

Unfortunately, however, we’re increasingly faced with the situation of people signing up to these events and either not showing up or cancelling an hour or two beforehand, meaning those on our waiting list miss out on coming along. In light of this, we’ve decided to introduce a £5.00 charge for all Meet the Brewer events. To soften this somewhat though we will also offer a 15% discount across all products in the shop on the night.

This wasn’t a quick decision, we spoke long and hard about the best way to counter the problem of no-shows whilst keeping the events viable for us. In the end we settled for a nominal fee that is fully refundable if you cancel by midday on the Monday before the event.

We hope that you understand our reasoning on this and we look forward to welcoming you at future events.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me direct at

Best wishes,